Computer Science Books

The theory of Algorithms is one of the three basic theoretical underpinnings of computer science (the others being automata/language theory and information theory). This book is really the first popular account of computer science that I know of. Once you get past that consider looking into the the millennium problem of computer science: NP-completeness. Every master's student should read this. Feynman is a standard in physics, but he also had a love for computation. He has a great set of notes on it, from a perspective rarely seen.
The millenium problems are the 7 greatest unsolved problems in mathematics. One of the seven is computer sciences problem of does P=NP. A great introduction to the frontiers of knowledge, particularly for those who seem to think their are no frontiers... Every computer scientist or engineer should have at least one book by Donald Knuth. If you don't know who he is, then you really need this. He is one of the founders of our discipline - a real living legend. Besides he gave us Tex... This book covers a wide variety of topics from some humorous comments to algorithms, even ancient Babylonian ones.. Purely for fun, you should read How to Install Linux on a Dead Badger. A great collection of short stories that mix horror (particularly in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft) with computer science.

Already read those? I generally suggest reading popular math or physics books.

Want to find your own good books? Search for yourself.