This is the entire first series of 8 books in one convenient package (and thus more affordable). I have really enjoyed reading these with my son, and I am sure his younger siblings will love them too. It is fun, but simple fantasy. The content is designed for children so the prose is very readable, and the concepts simple, but it still has great imagination and a good interconnection of all the series. Well worth the read, particularly for kids. This is the complete second series, which continues the struggles of Deltora to be free of the Shadow Lord. In this series the hero's must go into the Shadowlands to free the prisoners captured in the first series. First book in the Dragons of Deltora series. Unfortunately, they don't have a boxed set I can find anymore or a complete series bind-up.
Second book in the Dragons of Deltora series. Third book in the Dragons of Deltora series. Final book in the Dragons of Deltora series.
This is a series of stories, which give the behind the scenes look at Deltora. It explains the origins of many of the monsters and such. Great if you have read the series, as you will want to know more about them. If you really love the series then you can get their monster guide, which has lots of pictures and short descriptions of the beasts of Deltora. A nice book on how to draw fantasy art. While it teaches Deltora specifically, it is a good intro to drawing fantasy art in general.

Already read those? I generally suggest reading popular math or physics books.

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