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Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. This should go without having to be said but not everyone does. Scotch is meant to be sipped and enjoyed not wasted by doing shots or ruined by water/ice. Proper scotch drinking is a slow savoring of the craft and taste of another land. Irresponsible drinking is not enjoying scotch it is wasting life. Being of Scotish descent, I have a love and interest in all things Scotish. The name Whiskey comes from a mispronunciation of the first word in the Scotch Gaelic name of "usge betha" (water of life). Scotch has two common categories: single malts and blends. A single malt comes from a single distillery and gives the taste of that region. A blend is a mix of a variety of distilleries malts and is designed for a more generic taste that novice scotch drinkers seem to like. Never add water to scotch it is insulting and for that matter don't put ice in it unless it is a blend. Scotch should be sipped. To maximize your taste here is my suggestion for enjoying scotch:
  1. before taking a sip, borrow some of the angel's share and let your nose enjoy the scotch too (i.e.: take a smell of the scotch and enjoy the aroma)
  2. take a sip and hold it in your mouth to let all of your tongue enjoy it (different parts of the tongue can taste different tastes so see what the scotch has, a good one is complex)
  3. swallow but pay attention to the lingering tastes on your tongue
  4. when the flavor starts to fade (this is the finish) take a small sip of clear water (not mineral water) as this will bring out some of the subtler flavors (this is how water should be used, pouring it in your drink literally dilutes some flavors masking them and reducing the enjoyment)
  5. talk to your friends you are with, scotch is a social beverage after all.

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