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Journal Publications

  1. Algebra of Synchronization with Application to Deadlock and Semaphores (International Journal of Networking and Computing - IJNC) [pdf]
  2. A more accurate reconstruction system matrix for quantitative proton computed tomography (Journal of Medical Physics - MedPhys) [pdf]
  3. A maximum likelihood proton path formalism for application in proton computed tomography (Journal of Medical Physics - MedPhys) [pdf]
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  5. Performance Study of and Optoelectronic Localization System for Functional Proton Radiosurgery(INT J RADIAT ONCOL BIOL PHYS) [pdf]
  6. Degenerate Minmin Paper (SIMAX) [pdf] [psz]

Book Chapters

  1. Estimation, Modeling, and Simulation of Patterned Growth in Extreme Environments (Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems) Springer, 2010. [pdf]
  2. Dr. Math Gets You Ready for Algebra: Learning Pre-Algebra is Easy! Just Ask Dr. Math!, Jossey-Bass publishers, 2003.

Peer Reviewed Conference Publications

  1. Space Carving and Filtered Back Projection as Preconditioners for Proton Computed Tomography Reconstruction(IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Medical Imaging Conference)
  2. A Proton Simulator for Testing Implementations of Proton CT Reconstruction Algorithms on GPGPU Clusters(IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Medical Imaging Conference)
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  6. Constellation Design of a Lunar Global Positioning System Using CubeSats and Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks(ESA12) [pdf]
  7. Life Detection Using Biopatterning(Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Conference on Life Detection in Extraterrestrial Samples)
  8. Biopatterning(Lunar and Planetary Institute’s First International Planetary Cave Research Workshop) [pdf]
  9. Anode Effects On Microbial Fuel Cell Efficiency(Biocomp2011) [pdf]
  10. Algebra of Synchronization with Application to Deadlock and Semaphores (PDAA'10 2nd International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Algorithms and Applications) [pdf]
  11. To Live and Die in CA(Biocomp 2010) [pdf]
  12. General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit Speedup of Integral Relative Electron Density Calculation for Proton Computed Tomography (IEEE High Performance Medical Imaging Workshop 2009) [pdf]
  13. Simulating Spatial Partial Differential Equations with Cellular Automata(Biocomp 2009) [pdf]
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  33. Backward Error Paper (HICCS-2004) [ps] [pdf]
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  37. Survey Paper (ICCSA-2003) [ps] [pdf]
  38. Leuven Conference Survey Paper [pdf]

Abbreviations used:
29th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2007
Hawaii International Conference on Computer Science
International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications
Second Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology Conference
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