Dr. Keith Schubert


I have just been hired by Baylor University! Sic'em Bears! You can see the campus on their virtual tour (select the tour link for video clips of the campus - it is beautiful) if you want to see where I will be.

I currently (till summer) work as a professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at California State University, San Bernardino. I designed the computer engineering program, and was instrumental in the design of the computer game option, and the bioinformatics degree. I am very research active and really enjoy teaching and advising students.

See my CV[pdf] for more information.

I have a bunch of course lecture videos on YouTube.


I love the Bible, and my God, and only wish I did a better job representing His truth. I am an elder at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church in Redlands, which is a small, Bible loving congregation. Many people wonder how I fit my faith with my work in science. The more I study the world, the more I become convinced of God and His handiwork. I feel obligated by my faith to look openly at the facts and follow them where they lead, which has always brought me to His feet.

While I was not a boy scout or cub scout, I am now very active in the BSA. It is a great organization that really cares about helping boys grow. I was a Webelos den leader with pack 24 in Redlands, and now an assistant scout master in Troop 11, Redlands. I am a Leave No Trace Trainer and I also am a merit badge counselor for a robotics, electricity, electronics, engineering, and computers.

I am a northern European mutt, having German, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Brittish blood. I enjoy my Scotch Irish side quite a bit, since I think of my beloved grandma, who was born in Ireland. I thus enjoy many things of the old country, including a wee bit o' scotch, now and again. If you want some advice on how to drink scotch right (imho), then read my scotch drinking page. Always drink responsible, and don't drink and drive!